Single brokerage solution for digital assets trading & investing


Single Broker combines brokerage service and trading platform in one innovative financial solution. Managing your crypto asset portfolio and daily trading operations, allocating between different exchanges, and keeping your assets in safe custody have never been so easy.


Quick Start Getting started as easy as possible for users of all skill levels.
Single Sign-Up & KYC Seamless access to CEX, DEX and DeFi tools without API-keys
Single Workspace Custom UI and unified multi-exchanges API for professional trading
Transparency Direct order placement and execution without spreads
Custody Storage Custodian asset storage with insurance coverage up to $30M
Regulated Partner Compliance with business standards, Swiss SRO “VQF” affiliated member

Crypto Liquidity Hub

Explore the product's advantages that provide access to top-rated centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Once you complete a single registration procedure and verify your account, you no longer have to register on every new exchange. You are here, which means that the exhausting search for a trustworthy crypto hub is finally complete.

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Crypto Liquidity Hub

How it works?

The Single Broker platform has the most innovative trading tools and boasts full crypto market functionality packed into one solution. You don't have to choose any exchanges, we have everything you need.

Who is it for?

Our trading platform and professional brokerage service are suitable for a wide range of clients from retail to institutional investors. We try to take into account the desires and needs of each user, offering individual solutions for each digital assets market participant.

Institutional investors

For institutional investors who want to trade in large volumes, have a reliable regulated brokerage provider and not worry about funds safety.
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Banks & SMEs

For financial institutions, if you need aggregated liquidity and the best execution, as well as trading accounts management and access rights.
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Funds & Portfolio Managers

Everyone who manages client funds has access to a flexible system of access rights and advanced analytics of trading portfolios.
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Family Offices

Insured custodial storage, unified access to digital asset market and fiat deposits - everything that was available to big players is now available to you.
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Traders & Investors

Performance improvement with better conditions. Single interface for trading, transfers between platforms, segregated portfolios, convenience and security. Learn more

Algorithmic Traders

Single unified API for centralized and decentralized exchanges. No more resource-intensive software development and maintenance.
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Accounts / Sharing

Create your own segregated trading accounts to test your strategies. Each account has seamless access to all supported crypto exchanges and DeFi tools. You can also delegate trading account management to other users with a flexible system of access rights.

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Trading / Investing

Seamless access to centralized and decentralized exchanges in every segregated account. All the usual trading tools out of the box: real-time market data, order book, trade history, and familiar to many professionals charts and technical analysis tools by TradingView.

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Wallet / Transfers

Deposit and withdraw funds in different assets or currencies. Make transfers between exchanges and segregated accounts. Single Broker provides secure, institutional-grade custodial storage for every user at no extra cost.

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Portfolio / Analytics

Informative monitoring and analytics tools for each trading portfolio. Dashboard for a 360-degree view. Stay on top of all changes based on metrics, data visualizations and trading performance indicators. Automatic generation of financial statements from all trading platforms.

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Unifed UI / API

Creat a single crypto trading combine is not an easy task, but we were not afraid. Our path was through the unification and optimization of everything - from trading terminal UI to infrastructure API. With Single Broker, it doesn't matter if you trade through a browser or program trading strategies.

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Binance Brokerage Program Binance Brokerage Program
Huobi Brokerage Program Huobi Brokerage Program
OKX Brokerage Program OKX Brokerage Program
Gate.io Brokerage Program Gate.io Brokerage Program

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Ideation and Market Research

Customer Development

Proof of Concept / MVP

Infrastructure and Platform Architecture

1/2 2021

Market & Private Data Integration

Basic Trading Tools

Account System

Portfolio Management & Analytics

Exchange Connectors

2/2 2021

Web Terminal

Cross-Exchange Transfers

Managed Accounts System

Custodian Asset Storage

Swiss Incorporation

Swiss SRO membership status

1/2 2022

Close Beta Testing

8+ CEXs & DEXs

Unified API Access

25+ Assets & Fiat Support


2/2 2022

Public Release

12+ CEXs & DEXs

Aggregated Trading


Custom Workspaces


Native Mobile Apps

25+ CEXs & DEXs

Cryptocurrency Futures & Derivatives

DeFi Integrations: Stacking, Farming, Lending

Cross-Protocol Bridges Integrations


Social & Mirror Trading

50+ CEXs & DEXs

Smart Orders Designer

Trading Strategy Designer

Backtesting System


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Promo video release

The visualization of the trading platform is an important source for understanding the core values of the Single Broker product. Today a promo video has been released on our YouTube channel, we recommend you to watch and get inspired. Don't forget to subscribe and like.

May 18, 2021

Solutions section added

When we talk about a single brokerage solution, we mean a universal solution for different users. Therefore, we have added a Solutions section to our website so that you can find out how the Single Broker trading platform can increase your trading performance.

April 28, 2021

Blockchain Life 2021 happened

The Blockchain Life 2021 conference ended today. Our team participated as a Platinum sponsor. We have received a lot of positive feedback and partnership suggestions. Thanks everyone, it was amazing!

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Meet, brand new, but familiar.

When we first started our brand was called Excelsior. You can see how it was before on the website excelsior.one.Today we are proud to announce the birth of Single Broker.

Small step to big change

Boost your digital asset trading performance with next-generation platform solution.