SINGLE SOLUTION FOR Investment funds & portfolio managers
Investment funds and portfolio managers develop strategies to preserve or increase depositors' capital using a range of financial instruments. To balance portfolios, they compile assets of varying risk rates.

Cryptocurrency is a high-risk, high-yield asset that can be an intelligent choice to diversify portfolios. Blockchain-based digital assets are an excellent alternative for investors looking to reduce dependence on the traditional financial system. They complement diversifying strategies for building trading portfolios.
Transparency is the key to building trust in the crypto industry. As more people turn to digital assets, it's important for companies to prioritize safety and security to protect their clients' investments.
Changpeng Zhao
Co-founder and CEO of Binance
Investing in crypto assets faces two major obstacles: weak legal regulation in the market and the opacity of cryptocurrency exchanges. The lack of reliable licensing for crypto exchanges repels major players such as investment funds and portfolio managers. The market's slow development is due to poor regulation, operation in grey areas, and a lack of transparency in business processes and financial reporting.

These factors make potential investors risk-averse and hesitant to entrust their funds to dubious platforms that offer nothing but headaches.
Hedge Funds, Prop-trading Funds, and investment managers need flexible tools to manage their own and client accounts. The Single Broker trading platform offers a solution. It allows investors to create segregated trading accounts with their own balances, view portfolio analytics, and share access rights.

Each account has access to all supported exchanges and liquidity providers for the manager and owner. The platform meets high transparency and security requirements and incorporates best practices from the brokerage industry.
We operate in a reliable Swiss jurisdiction and are licensed
to provide brokerage services
for the cryptocurrency market.
Quick allocation of digital assets between exchanges and custodial storage in just a few clicks from one window, with support for different protocols and digital assets.
Professional trading tools, segregated and aggregated portfolio analytics, automated asset and fund movement statements for financial reporting.
Management of segregated trading accounts, and ability to delegate account management to another user with a flexible access rights system. We also offer sub-delegation for institutional clients.
Our unified API allows
for interaction with integrated
account management
allocation of funds
portfolio analytics
market data.
Organizing client fund management by implementing access rights segregation for trading accounts among traders, risk and financial managers, and operational staff.
Utilizing a new class of digital assets in trading and alternative investment mechanisms to maximize returns from trading activities.
Building personalized relationships with clients, developing investment dashboards, and analytical systems on top of the Single Broker's Application Programming Interface (API).
Michaela C.
Portfolio Manager
As a hedge fund manager, I have extensive experience in the traditional financial market. With our company's expertise in technical and fundamental analysis, our clients trust us to invest large sums of money in stocks and bonds. When cryptocurrency became legalized in many trustworthy jurisdictions, we saw the potential in the crypto market and decided to explore it further. I had to determine the best entry point for our company to operate seamlessly in the crypto market.

In selecting counter-agents, I only considered those that met specific criteria: a reliable license, deposit insurance, favorable prices, a safe jurisdiction, and ease of use. These characteristics were essential to ensure that we could operate effectively and safely in the cryptocurrency market, providing our clients with the best possible investment opportunities.

As a portfolio manager for a hedge fund, I faced challenges finding credible counter-agents in the cryptocurrency market that could meet our needs. Additionally, larger investments could significantly influence the market's current situation, causing prices to go up when orders are being executed.

Fortunately, I discovered the Single Broker solution, which addresses many pressing issues. The platform offers single onboarding and aggregated liquidity, providing access to multiple exchanges in one place. This feature allows me to choose the most favorable offer for my company or clients.

I was impressed with the straightforward system of rights and roles, allowing me to create subaccounts, appoint supervisors, and grant different access levels for each portfolio manager. This system helps us manage our clients' funds more effectively by creating a separate account for each client tailored to their specific needs.

Switzerland has fully legalized cryptocurrency, making it the financial capital of the world. The Single Broker platform complies with all international laws and regulations while providing a smart clearing system with exchange platforms that ensures funds never leave the custodial cold storage. This feature guarantees that our funds are 100% safe and eliminates any worries about fraud.

The platform also offers top-notch security, with all of our crypto assets covered by insurance. The universal API provides free access to all available exchanges on the platform and enables smooth fund transfers between them, all in one window.