Single Broker is a new financial solution that makes it easy to manage your cryptocurrency investments and trading activities. It combines the services of a brokerage and a trading platform into one easy-to-use tool.
Transparency is key when it comes to cryptocurrency. Whether it's in the design of the technology or the operation of a cryptocurrency service, users need to be able to trust that they are protected and that the platform is working in their best interest. Without trust and transparency, the potential of cryptocurrency will never be fully realized
Former CEO of Digital Asset Holdings
You can easily allocate your investments between different exchanges and keep your assets safe. Single Broker gives you access to top-rated centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges through a user-friendly interface.
Once you register and verify your account, you don't need to register on every new exchange. Single Broker is a trustworthy solution that solves the problems of people in the modern world of digital assets.
We built a new financial product called Single Broker Platform to meet the needs of institutional investors and professional traders. It's important to us that our product is transparent, secure, and follows best practices from the established brokerage industry in traditional finance.
Single Broker is a tool that combines a brokerage service, a trading platform, and a unified API for accessing financial markets and crypto assets. We're based in Switzerland and have a license as a financial services provider.
We're based in Switzerland and have a license as a financial services provider.
How Do Our Solutions Benefit Your Trading Activity?
Single Broker is a new cryptocurrency hub that's one of the first of its kind. With our tool, you only need to register once to get access to 15+ trading platforms through one easy-to-use interface.

You don't need to worry about registering on each individual exchange or using API keys. With Single Broker, you get full access to the functionality and liquidity of the cryptocurrency market.
Single Broker strives to make trading profitable for its users. We have developed a system of monthly rebates from centralized exchanges. Thus, all users of the platform receive up to 30% rebates from the commissions paid. The rebate percentage is calculated based on the user's trading volume individually.
We offer to our clients many trading and technical analysis tools, along with the lowest possible applicable fees. You can use our tools to analyze your portfolio, assets, trading activity, and balance changes. You can analyze a specific time period and see your trading performance from all trading venues in one window.
Our company has set up different levels of access to protect your funds. We take security very seriously. If you want, you can give professional traders access to your trading accounts, but with limited rights.

That way, they won't be able to withdraw your funds or be subject to risk management rules for trading venues or assets. You can also manage portfolios for other platform users.
We work hard to make sure that transferring funds between exchanges is fast and that transaction and trading fees are low.

Explore a multitude of digital and traditional currencies on our crypto brokerage platform. We've streamlined the process for your convenience, allowing you to handle all transactions directly within our comprehensive system. There's no need for external applications, exchanges, or wallets - we've got it all covered.
Single Broker platform supports bank transfers and payment cards to make it easy for our clients to access their digital assets safely. You'll have access to all the features of the decentralized market, plus an easy way to exchange currencies.

Our product uses a unified API to access different cryptocurrency markets and exchanges. This means you don't need to hire developers to manage internal processes or other exchange APIs.
We follow international licensing and business standards.
Our team has years of experience in finance, including banking, trading, and maintaining high-load systems. This background helped us create a unique platform that combines the best practices of classic brokerages and financial services.
And finally, we protect our clients' investments by providing professional liability insurance and institutional-level custody. Our top priority is protecting our clients' funds.
How it works?
Single Broker is CeDeFi's all-in-one platform that integrates centralized exchanges, DeFi tools, secure storage, and simplifies crypto asset portfolio management, daily trading and asset allocation across venues. Designed for institutional investors and professional traders.