The world of cryptocurrency is expanding rapidly in terms of its overall value. It's no surprise that financial institutions are taking notice of the potential for profit and risk management opportunities that come with trading in this space.

However, the high volatility of the market and the lack of reliable partners can make it challenging for banks and insurance companies to fully assess the benefits of this promising sector.

Finding a trustworthy and transparent counterpart is essential for financial services providers looking to get involved in cryptocurrency trading. It's no easy feat, but it's definitely worth the effort.
Trust is a critical component
of any financial service, and that
is especially true in the cryptocurrency space. A reliable and trustworthy crypto brokerage service that prioritizes safety
and transparency can help build trust in the industry and attract new investors.
Mike Novogratz
CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners
Banks and financial institutions are struggling to develop and integrate cryptocurrency solutions for their customers. The challenge arises from the complex nature of cryptocurrencies, which require specialized expertise and technology that most traditional financial institutions lack. Additionally, the maintenance of cryptocurrency infrastructure can be costly due to ongoing maintenance and security issues.
For fintech startups, developing cryptocurrency solutions is a daunting task that requires significant investment in hiring a team with specialized expertise in blockchain. The process also involves extensive research to ensure that the solutions are secure, user-friendly, and meet regulatory compliance standards. Different technological approaches may need to be explored, and the time to market can be lengthy due to the complexity of the development process.

The Single Broker platform is a reliable and transparent solution for banks and SMEs looking to work with both traditional and digital assets.
All Single Broker users have
a monthly rebate system, which guarantees a refund 30% of paid commissions on centralized exchanges.
We operate in a reliable Swiss jurisdiction and are licensed
to provide brokerage services
for the cryptocurrency market.
Our custodial service protects digital assets with insurance coverage against digital crime,
data breaches, hacking attacks,
and theft.
We offer deposit and withdrawal services in fiat currencies through international bank transfers
and allocation of fiat funds
to fiat-crypto exchanges.
Our unified API allows
for interaction with integrated
account management
allocation of funds
portfolio analytics
market data.
Rapid integration of cryptocurrency trading and storage into banking and financial products with a single partner, eliminating the need for technical support from multiple providers.
Building financial products based on a unified software interface (API) without the need for technical support from multiple vendors.
Organizing liquidity balancing and rapid asset redemption for crypto payment card providers, crypto index builders, decentralized applications and crypto wallets.
James K.
Strartup Founder
As a startup founder, I had a vision of creating a crypto payment card that would revolutionize the way people conduct transactions. The journey was fraught with challenges, from hiring a team of highly qualified specialists and developers, to conducting extensive research and integrating with various protocols, exchanges, and DeFi tools.

Balancing liquidity was a particularly frustrating problem that demanded a significant amount of attention and resources from my team. We spent countless hours maintaining the infrastructure, which slowed down our progress and made it difficult to focus on other aspects of our business.

That's when I discovered the Single Broker API solution. It was a game-changer for us. With its streamlined approach, one developer could now manage multiple accesses to different exchanges and trades, freeing up time and resources for the rest of my team.

The funds allocation and API key management features also provided a heightened level of technical security, giving me peace of mind. But what struck me the most was the simplicity of the solution. With Single Broker, we gained access to thousands of digital assets through a single cryptocurrency hub, which was nothing short of amazing.

We became a Single Broker customer during the closed beta testing stage. Admittedly, there were some bugs in the platform, but that didn't overshadow the fact that it was an incredible solution for any fintech company looking to integrate the ability to store, manage, and buy and sell cryptocurrencies for their customers.

Thanks to Single Broker, my team was able to quickly resolve issues with buying and selling digital assets while maintaining liquidity. This not only accelerated our progress but also saved us a substantial amount of money on developing and maintaining technical solutions.

Now, our product is on the fast track to success, and I can confidently say that partnering with Single Broker was one of the best decisions we've made. Thanks to their innovative solution, we can focus on our main mission - to change the way we conduct transactions, through asset diversification, and use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.