About us

Single Broker is a Swiss based company, a provider of brokerage services and a trading platform for traders and investors of all levels. The company offers a universal tool for everyday work with digital assets, a safe and transparent environment for professional growth and full compliance with financial regulations and business standards.

Among the features, it is worth highlighting a single connection to exchanges and OTC trading platforms, convenient tools for trading and portfolio analysis, transfers of funds between exchanges and a flexible system of access rights to trading accounts.

Single brokerage solution for digital asset trading and investing

Single onboarding and access to more than 10 trading venues
Tools for trading and portfolio analysis
Role-based account access rights and social trading
Fast funds allocation between exchanges
Full support for bank transfers and payment cards
Unified API for access to financial markets and crypto assets
Integrated decentralized finance services
Guaranteed monthly rebates of up to 30% on commission fees
Compliance with international licensing and business standards
Institutional level custody asset storage
Investor capital protection and professional liability insurance


Single Environment
Our main goal is to provide a single workspace that meets all the needs of professional traders and investors in the digital asset market.
Safe and Profitable
Our top priority is customer-centricity, ensuring that any solution we propose is safe, transparent, and beneficial for end-users.
Radical Transparency
We prioritize radical transparency, carrying out financial activities only in the best interests of our users, providing open and complete information, and adhering to honest and ethical principles.
Sustainable Development
We care about sustainable development, implementing innovations, improving business processes and user experience, and growing alongside our customers.
Direct Responsibility
We take direct responsibility by minimizing counter-party risk for our clients, protecting their capital, and increasing trust levels as a reliable regulated partner.
Accelerate FinTech Transformation
Our products accelerate the FinTech transformation of the digital asset trading ecosystem through collaborations and partnerships within the industry.


Experience the ultimate fusion of digital asset markets, cutting-edge tools, and unparalleled user experience with Single Broker.
Our mission is to redefine crypto trading by pioneering standards in security, transparency, and development within the digital asset market, forever altering your perspective and experience of cryptocurrency trading.
Every day Single Broker team
creates a safe and transparent trading platform
delivers tools that exceed expectations
does the right things and does it right
provides best-in-class user experience
cuts costs and expands opportunities
for traders and investors


Core Team
Advisory Team
Andrey Orlenko
Co-Founder, CEO
Seasoned entrepreneur and finance executive with 17+ years in roles including CFO, managing director, and project manager in investment banking, wealth management, and portfolio asset management.
Andrey Timoshin
Founder, COO
Ex UniCredit Corporate Team, algorithmic trader and IT entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience in building trading platforms for international hedge funds, exchanges infrastructure projects, algorithmic trading strategies, intermarket arbitrage.
Sergey Toporov
Senior Advisor
Partner at Leta Capital, which has unicorns in its portfolio, is responsible for managing the fund's processes and managing the full-cycle deal flow. Closed about 20 investment deals worth over $40M at Seed, Round A, and Round B stages.
Alex Cheshire
Product manager with a background in digital transformation projects with BCG and McKinsey&Co, as well as development of internal digital products for Mazda and Jaguar Land Rover, plus web and mobile banking apps, complemented by broad experience in product consulting for blockchain and trading industry.
Alena Kachaeva
Head of Sales
Experienced in developing go-to-market strategies and enhancing B2B sales for global tech brands. 13+ years at SAP, Oracle, and Philips, led expansion into new markets, secured partnerships, and delivered solutions for top-tier clients like ING, Renault, and Visa.
Vitali Shein
Technical Advisor
Winner of numerous programming competitions and contests. Software engineer with 10+ years of experience specializing in development and scaling of multithreaded high-load applications, big data analytics and machine learning.
Single Broker combines brokerage service and trading platform in one innovative financial solution. Managing your crypto asset portfolio and daily trading operations, allocating between different exchanges, and keeping your assets in safe custody have never been so easy.
Swiss based regulated company
SingleBroker GmbH

CH-6340 Baar, Mühlegasse 18,
Canton of Zug, Switzerland