SINGLE SOLUTION FOR Traders & investors
Investors and traders always search for new ways to increase their capital with promising financial assets. However, because of the market's heterogeneity and the segmentation of financial instruments, they have to create multiple accounts on different exchanges. This way, they gain access to transactions with a particular asset and can analyze prices to choose the most attractive one.
The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.
Satoshi Nakamoto
Creator of Bitcoin
To trade on crypto exchanges, investors and traders have to pass a KYC verification during each registration, generate multiple cryptocurrency wallets, distribute funds between different accounts, use portfolio trackers and trading terminals with API management. Additionally, they have to settle for limited exchange liquidity and the absence of any financial guarantees on the exchange's side.
Using multiple platforms can be risky due to differences in interfaces and data processes. Investors may encounter issues like address changes, the use of intermediate wallets, and errors that can cause money loss when depositing and withdrawing funds. Allocating funds to exchanges also comes with additional expenses such as high transfer fees and blockchain commissions.
Single Broker clients only need to pass verification once to access all trading venues and decentralized exchanges. Our customers enjoy rebates, unified customized UI, low trading commissions, fast transfers, and capital protection.
All Single Broker users have
a monthly rebate system, which guarantees a refund 30% of paid commissions on centralized exchanges.
Standardized web and mobile interfaces for convenient interaction with various trading platforms and investment tools, with the ability to customize to the user's needs.
Quick allocation of digital assets between exchanges and custodial storage in just a few clicks from one window, with support for different protocols and digital assets.
Professional trading tools, segregated and aggregated portfolio analytics, automated asset and fund movement statements for financial reporting.
Access to decentralized exchanges and DeFi tools: staking, liquidity providing, yield-farming, lending/borrowing.
Utilizing a new class of digital assets in trading and alternative investment mechanisms to maximize returns from trading activities.
Testing trading strategies within segregated trading accounts with proprietary portfolio analytics.
Organizing a personalized workspace using a customized interface and a modular platform system
Alex Z.
Individual Trader
As a private trader, I used to trade on three different exchanges. This meant I had to go through multiple registrations and verifications to access them. The biggest frustration was transferring funds from one exchange to another, which incurred huge commissions on both the exchange and intermediate wallet.

Recently, I wanted to buy a token that wasn't listed on any of the exchanges I used. I had to register on yet another exchange just for this purchase. It was exhausting to say the least. To make matters worse, I had to find an exchange that would allow me to buy Bitcoin using fiat currency, and then transfer BTC to another exchange to buy the asset I needed.

As a private trader, I was tired of running around and decided to find a solution to streamline my trading. That's when I discovered the Single Broker platform.

With just one registration, I gained access to all the exchanges available on the platform. No more need to register on multiple exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Managing my brother's investments was also easy. He created an account, funded it through a bank transfer, and gave me trading access. My friends also asked me to manage their assets and with the Single Broker platform, they could deposit fiat currency with a bank transfer, view reports of their account activities and grant me more flexibility. I would especially note the user-friendly interface and the ability to quickly work with multiple trading accounts using the multi-transfer and multi-order functions.

Testing algorithmic strategies on multiple exchanges used to be challenging due to different programming interfaces. But with the Single Broker platform's unified API, I could enter my request in one window and access data from all registered exchanges automatically. It was magical and saved me tons of time for development.