SINGLE SOLUTION FOR family offices
Family offices manage their own assets as well as investors' capital by analyzing financial market dynamics. However, they often encounter problems due to the use of different tools for asset trading and analysis of trading activities, leading to increased costs. Single-family and multi-family offices have a high-risk tolerance and long planning horizon, making them increasingly interested in alternative financial instruments such as cryptocurrencies and investments in blockchain technology companies.
Transparency is the key to trust in any transaction, and this is especially true when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Any crypto brokerage service that prioritizes transparency and security is sure to win the trust of its clients and contribute to the wider adoption of digital currency.
Wences Casares
CEO of Xapo
Institutionalization of the digital asset market is gaining momentum and family offices must adapt to changing finance trends by diversifying their portfolios to reduce dependence on traditional financial systems. Digital assets offer diversification, weak correlation with other assets, and liquidity, making them an essential addition to any family office portfolio.
Single Broker provides a single, flexible interface for asset management that family offices can easily administer. Our platform allows users to create trading accounts, test various strategies, and provide access to others with specific access rights. A flexible risk-management system eliminates trust issues for investors and allows owners to revoke access at any time.
We operate in a reliable Swiss jurisdiction and are licensed
to provide brokerage services
for the cryptocurrency market.
Quick allocation of digital assets between exchanges and custodial storage in just a few clicks from one window, with support for different protocols and digital assets.
Professional trading tools, segregated and aggregated portfolio analytics, automated asset and fund movement statements for financial reporting.
Management of segregated trading accounts, and ability to delegate account management to another user with a flexible access rights system. We also offer sub-delegation for institutional clients.
Our unified API allows
for interaction with integrated
account management
allocation of funds
portfolio analytics
market data.
Organizing client fund management by implementing access rights segregation for trading accounts among traders, risk and financial managers, and operational staff.
Utilizing a new class of digital assets in trading and alternative investment mechanisms to maximize returns from trading activities.
Building personalized relationships with clients, developing investment dashboards, and analytical systems on top of the Single Broker's Application Programming Interface (API)
Anna F.
Family Office Manager

In the past, my team and I had to put our trust in several exchanges, some of which were governed by questionable jurisdictions or not licensed at all. The lists of available cryptocurrencies change rapidly, and exchanges never bear any responsibility to their users. These challenges have made it difficult to manage our clients' funds and assets effectively.

Creating an account on Single Broker has been one of the best decisions I have made as a private portfolio manager. The platform is a universal financial hub that provides access to several trading platforms simultaneously, allowing me to create an unlimited number of sub-accounts and spread our clients' funds between them.

With this feature, my team and I have been able to test different trading strategies in separate subaccounts, providing us with a tailored environment that suits our needs.

Single Broker serves as a versatile marketplace for funds and portfolio managers. I can either connect to the accounts of clients who are already registered on the platform or ask new clients to register on Single Broker, allowing me to manage their assets comfortably and securely. Clients grant me limited access to their accounts to manage their funds, and all funds are protected and covered by insurance.

Another significant advantage of Single Broker is the unified API, which simplifies communication with exchanges without requiring a development team to maintain each exchange's API. The platform also offers other tariffs, such as those that offer aggregated liquidity or a transfer system that enables quick fund transfers between exchanges through a single multi-modular window. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised by the lower brokerage fees compared to exchange fees.

Overall, Single Broker has been an excellent solution for managing our clients' funds and assets efficiently and securely, offering a wide range of features that meet our needs as portfolio managers.

As a private portfolio manager, I work with a team that helps others manage their funds and crypto assets efficiently. We understand that any financial activity poses specific challenges, such as the need to register and work on several exchanges or keep clear records of money entrusted to us by clients.